Back-End Developer

Qualifications and Education Requirements • Bachelor of Engineering in Computer/IT or equivalent degree in Computer related studies Must have skills • Experience as a Backe-end Developer or a similar role • Knowledge of relevant back-end language. (e.g. Python, Java, C#) • Familiarity with databases (e.g. PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle) • Familiarity with relevant backend frameworks e.g. Django, Flask • Proficiency with Git or SVN • Experience in implementing testing platforms and writing unit tests • Experience in API design and development • Stay up-to-date with emerging technologies Preferable skills • Knowledge of Python and Django Framework, DRF • Appreciation for clean and well documented code • Knowledge of data structures and algorithms • Ideally, familiarity with Docker and Docker Swarm/Kubernetes, celery • Familiarity with Linux command line Soft skills • Excellent communication and teamwork skills • Attention to detail • Enjoy sharing your knowledge with others • Problem solving skills  


Tuesday, February 28, 2023